The Struggle for a Catholic Parish at Rwenkobwa

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In 1957, the catholic communities of Kamwire and Kijongo agreed to start a church at Rwenkobwa. On 14th October 1960, the church was elevated from Hiika to a centre under Ibanda parish. On 23rd August 1983, the Holy Eucharist sacrament was installed at Rwenkobwa by Bishop John Baptist Kakubi. Rwenkobwa, being the oldest Hiika and centre, it was expected to be the next location of any new parish. However this was not the case. In 2004 a new parish was established at Katungu Ishongororo, to the disappointment of parishioners at Rwenkobwa. This led to an increased demand for a parish, since the distance to both the old parish at Ibanda and the new parish at Katungu was over 20kms. With concerted effort from the parishioners, the catechists and interested individuals; and with Godʼs grace, on 14th October 2019, the Archbishop, His Grace Paul Bakyenga elevated Rwenkobwa to a parish and posted Fr Eleutherius Ngirabakunzi to head it.

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  1. Turyatunga

    The young generation has to emulate the efforts of the elders.Atleat they have where to begin from.

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