Epidemiology Made easy Lecture notes




This Lecture Series book was prompted by the need for a clear, well organized and structured way for readers, especially students, to understand epidemiology and how to apply it in disease prevention and control. Through my experience teaching undergraduate and postgraduate studies, I found that many students studying epidemiology and biostatistics lack strong foundations in mathematics and statistics. Thus, for a long time I have been interested in making epidemiology easier and more accessible to such an audience, by approaching it from the perspective of daily experiences, where people encounter diseases and health issues. This book is meant to be a concise guide for nurses, medical and paramedical students, policy makers, program managers, and social workers.
This lecture series was developed out of my experience as a lecturer, health professional and a policy maker, who has contributed to the control of infectious and non-infectious diseases for over two decades. The lecture notes are divided into two sections: the theoretical and the practical sessions. The practical component includes questions and activity sections designed to facilitate active participation and acquisition of practical, analytical and critical thinking skills in disease control and prevention. The exercises also expose the reader to real life situations, preparing them for what lies ahead. I hope this book gives the readers adequate knowledge and skills to confront the high disease burden in Uganda.


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