Health Systems Policy and Maternal Health in Uganda




This Lecture Series book was prompted by the need for clear, accessible
and well organized information on key health issues. It is intended as
a guide for nurses, medical and paramedical students, policy makers,
program managers, and social workers.
It was developed out my experience as a lecturer, health professional and
policy maker. As I interacted with students and various professionals, I
realized the need for easily accessible information on Uganda’s health
system – which I present to the reader in this volume.
The questions and activity sections are designed to facilitate active
participation and acquisition of practical, analytical and critical thinking
skills. The exercises also expose the reader to real life situations,
preparing them for what lies ahead.
This book is organized into discrete sections for user clarity and
convenience. These include: an outline, expected learning outcomes,
well-structured content, individual questions to stimulate further
reading, class and group discussions.
This book aims to help readers understand the health system in Uganda
and to develop critical thinking, analytical and problem solving skills to
identify issues in the country’s health system with the view of improving
health service delivery.



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