How to Get A Research Grant Publish and Influence Policy




How to get a research grant, publish and influence policy, by Prof Anthony Mbonye draws on the author’s three decades of experience in being awarded research grants, implementing them, publishing research evidence, and insights into policy-making and health programming.It takes astuteness and skill to compete and win a research grant, as well as dedication to implementing the grant, involving seeking relevant ethical approvals, designing study tools, testing them, undertaking data collection, data entry, and cleaning. Equally important is the ability to effectively analyze data and draw out implications for policy and practice, discuss the limitations of the study and highlight areas for further research.This book provides tips on how to increase your chances of successfully applying for a research grant through a competitive process, working with development partners to implement operations and applied research grants, how to write a manuscript and publish in high impact journals, and how to use research evidence to improve policymaking and programming for malaria, maternal health, infectious diseases, and broader initiatives to strengthen the health system.

Finally, the book provides steps on how researchers can work with policymakers and program managers to improve policy making and enhance health care practice. It’s my hope that readers, students, researchers, policymakers, and program managers will find this book helpful


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