The History of Rwenkoba town




The History of Rwenkobwa Town: A Tale of Courage and Determination, presents a historical account of settlements in villages around
Rwenkobwa town, located in Ibanda district, South-western Uganda.
Occupied by immigrants from Kisoro, Kabale and some parts of
Ankole, Rwenkobwa town started as a dusty small town with two
mud-and-wattle shops, and has since developed into a bustling town
council with booming business over the last 65 years. The book presents a story of highly determined and courageous pioneering individuals who played a great role in putting up churches, mosques, schools,
and got involved in the administration of the town and surrounding
villages. If any one reads this book two things stand out; that development goes hand in hand with determination, and that society develops
due to outstanding individuals who dedicate time, energy and resources to achieve indelible results. Such individuals account need to be
archived to inspire the current and future generations


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